Date: 27 November 2014 : 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Meet the Artist at Artique - John Waterhouse

Meet John Waterhouse at Artique Galleries in the Whitefriars Arcade and view his latest work over a complimentary glass of… Read more >>

meet the artist at artique - john waterhouse
Date: 27 November 2014

Boots Christmas Event

Earn £12 of Boots Advantage points for every £50 you spend at Boots' last special Christmas event this Thursday. Read more >>

Date: 03 January 2015

Artisan Market in Whitefriars Square

Visit the popular Whitefriars Artisan Market in Whitefriars Square for beautiful handmade items to suit every taste, including art, crafts… Read more >>

artisan market in whitefriars square